Maintaining Your Equipment to the Highest Standards

At QMI Contractors, we understand how important it is to have minimal down time with production and plan maintenance for after hours, That’s why we’re proud to offer our clients Australia wide preventative and breakdown maintenance services after hours so you can continue to use your equipment at optimal performance when you need to. We place the utmost importance on preventative maintenance as we all know fatigue in production equipment can bring everything to a stop in an instant!

Who do you rely on to keep you running?

QMI Contractors specialises in providing equipment maintenance for a wide range of industries.

We commonly provide:

  • Conveyor systems and conveyor belt maintenance
  • Crushing and screening equipment maintenance (crusher liner changes, screen bearings etc)
  • Bulk material handling asset maintenance
  • Mining equipment maintenance (mill liner changes, tank lining etc)
  • And more

Our highly qualified and experienced team have the necessary expertise and professionalism to complete any servicing job.

Anti Wear Lining

QMI can carry out anti wear lining solutions, onsite or in house!

Poly Urethane
Hardened steel

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